Thursday, January 31, 2008

Breast Reduction Garments

Immediately following a breast reduction procedure your doctor may instruct you to wear a compression garment. Which type of garment you decide to wear is decided by you and your doctor, however compression vests or a post-surgical or compression bra following a breast reduction procedure will likely help you achieve the best results possible. All Silhouette garments, including our breast reduction garments, are designed to help improve and increase blood circulation, rid the body of potentially harmful fluids, decrease the post surgery recovery time and reduce swelling. The garments designed for breast reductions will also help the new skin fit the body’s contours allowing the patient to recover faster.

In choosing a garment we realize you have several options, which is precisely why all of our garments are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. Our fabric has been chosen specifically not to irritate sensitive skin resulting from surgery, but still provides you with the essential support and compression to help achieve your best results.

These garments are typically worn immediately after your surgery. How long your garment is worn largely depends on your doctor’s preference, but it is traditionally worn continuously for several weeks. At your doctors instruction you will slowly be allowed to stop wearing your garment. At least initially the garment will be worn for long continuous periods of time. This duration combined with drainage resulting from your incisions will take a toll on the garment, because of this damage to the garment it is recommended that two garments be purchased.

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